Consignments of stamps and coins are accepted throughout the year by post and in our shops. Larger consignments can be collected from you personally. Consignments are accepted up to approximately 7 weeks before auction. Our philatelists and numismatists always first estimate the value of your collection free of charge and without obligation. This estimate is then used as the auction starting price. Your stamps and coins are insured for this price once you have entrusted them to us. Following agreement with the vendor, high-grade individual stamps which are frequently subject to forgery are presented to experts from the BPP (Federal Association of Philatelist Examiners) for appraisal, thereby increasing their chances of obtaining higher prices in the case of a positive result. The presentation of your stamps and coins is based solely on the consideration: how can the best possible price be obtained?

Shortly after consigning the goods to auction, all vendors receive a detailed list with the exact wording of the catalogue description. Approximately four weeks before the auction, they receive a catalogue together with a list which matches the consigned stamps and coins with the numbers in the auction catalogue. The results are sent by post two days after the auction. Payment is made 6 weeks later at the latest.

Call for Consignments to our 71 Auction:

Call for Consignments to our 71 Auction